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Q: Is the Website Prizescode safe?
A: Yes, our Website is safe in 100% .

Q: Is Prizescode really free Website?
A: Yes, all our rewards are free. Through advertising and survey we are able to cover the cost of prizes.

Q: What is the best way to get the points faster?
A: TThe easiest way to get the points quickly is to provide link on the websites like: Facebook, Twitter,Twitch and also on forums and websites related to the topic of the given reward.

Q: How can i gain points?
A: You can earn points by using a unique "refferal link" generated on website. For every unique entry in the link you get the point.

Q: Someone visited my link, but the point has not been charged?
A: Our referral system works properly, so a person who visited the referral link had to visit the link a second time from the same IP.

Q: I have a dynamic IP, my points have been reset?
A: In that case, please use the tab "Account" located on our website to get back you lost points.